Away From Home

Away From Home - Out of Town Service

Let Property Management of Kootenai County provide you with peace of mind when you are not here. Our “Away From Home and Out of Town Program” is for owners and investors of second homes or vacation properties that do not plan to rent them under our typical property management program but would still like a professional team to maintain it in top condition for the personal enjoyment of their family, friends or guests.
We understand the constraints of distance and time in caring for a second home and we strive to help you fully enjoy your investment and vacation time by offering a full range of services to make sure your property is well cared for and secure.

Customized Away From Home and Out of Town Services Can Include:

Full Exterior Care and Inspection

  • Meet vendors for routine or overdue maintenance
  • Roof and Siding
  • Landscaping
  • Dock
  • Boat storage
  • Garage or other storage buildings
  • Swimming pool/Spa
  • Water leaks, standing water
  • Check for broken glass
  • Insects, rodents, small animal

Full Interior Care and Inspection

  • Meet vendors for routine or overdue maintenance
  • Security Systems and Alarm
  • Prepare for unexpected weather conditions
  • Manage climate controls
  • Change filters
  • Change expired batteries or light bulbs
  • Mold or water damage
  • Inspect under sinks for leaks
  • Run water and flush toilets
  • Inspect for insects or rodent intrusions

Peace-of-Mind and Maintaining Your Property

We are committed to ensuring your wellbeing, security, and the maintenance of your property. We provide customized, quick, thorough, and efficient Away from Home and Out of Town Services. We work with only the best contractors, subcontractors and vendors which we have established and ongoing relationships with. Whether you own a second home, vacation property, commercial property, or perhaps you’re going to take an extended leave from your primary residence, we are here to help!

Free Rental Analysis

Reach out to us any time to discuss your rental investment and Property Management needs.