New Construction


Rich Dussell is licensed to sell new construction homes in Kootenai County, and specialize in selling Benway Quality Homes in the Prairie Sky Subdivision in Rathdrum, Idaho. Kootenai County has experienced huge growth. The area is beautiful and the perfect place to live. Development areas have begun to pop up as small communities with property for homes. Rich knows how the market is and works hard to sell new construction homes. If you are looking to buy a new home, please give them a call today.
New Construction Home


Development areas are large spaces that contain newly constructed homes. The development areas build homes as the property is sold. If you are looking for a nice area in Kootenai County to build a new home, Rich Dussell Real Estate has the right property for you. We are constantly watching the market and finding the best deals in the area. We also work closely with development areas to sell properties and new homes.


Once you have found the perfect home, the real process begins. The purchase or sale of a home requires that you enter into a number of legally binding contracts. The various steps should be clearly understood, for each involves you in certain obligations as well as committing others to meet obligations to you. You need to know both your duties and your rights. Rich Dussel Real Estate is here for all your Kootenai County area purchasing needs. We will hold your hand throughout the whole process. From finding the home, to purchasing and going through all of the inspections and legal documents. We want your home purchasing to be stress free and we will do everything in our power to ensure you get what you want. We are here for all of your questions and will be available at all times to help you understand your home purchasing.
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